।। पांडुरंगा करू प्रथम नमन । दुसरे चरण संतांचिया||         ||कृपाळु उदार माझा ज्ञानेश्वर । तया नमस्कार वारंवार ।।         ।। अवघाची संसार सुखाचा करीन आनंदे भरीन तिन्ही लोक ।।        ।। संतांचे संगती मनोमार्ग गती | आकळावा श्रीपती येणें पंथे ।।        ।। वाचावी ज्ञानेश्वरी । डोळा पहावी पंढरी ।।        ।।ज्ञानियांचा राजा गुरू महाराव । म्हणती ज्ञानदेव तुम्हां ऐसें ॥

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Struggle in human life is inevitable practicing study of peace in peaceful conditions doesn't servive in worst conditions. So Lord krishna making reason of arjuna taught his philosophy in battle of kurukshetra and shown to world one can experience ultimate peace while fighting or in critical condition also. So there is no need to run from duties and close eyes to attend peace due to this it becomes practical philosophy to give release from all types of threat, stress and depressions.
First is knowledge then desires and accordingly acts for happy life ved, scriptures and Saints defines pure knowledge 'sarwam khalvidam brahma' see everything as God and this should lead in loving entire world in form of the God and finally our every action is to serve viswatmak God(World)

।। श्री संतांचिये माथा चरणावरी ।।

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